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Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti-Wrinkle injections are a simple, safe and effective way to improve fine lines and deep wrinkles on the face. They work to relax facial muscles making lines and wrinkles, such as worry lines, crow's feet and frown lines, less obvious. The result is a softer, younger and more rejuvenated appearance.

Procedure Time

1 hour

Products Used

Botulinum toxin



Duration of Results

4-6 months for most clients

Back to Work

Same day

Timeframe for Results

7-14 days

Forehead, Crows feet, Frown lines (glabella)

Single Area


Two Areas


Three Ares


It is recommended to repeat the treatment before the muscle movements return to normal which is typically 3-4 months. This way there is an overlap in results and a continued softening effect.

Your safety is our main concern and for this reason, we do not treat clients who are pregnant. We advise against all cosmetic injectable treatments whilst pregnant simply out of precaution and due to the lack of information available on cosmetic injectable treatment effects on the fetus.

Avoid vigorous physical activity or any large intakes of alcohol for 24 hours as this increases the risk of bruising. Aspirin and Vitamin E should not be taken one week before the treatment.

Following your treatment, avoid rubbing or touching the treated area for several hours to prevent the spread of the toxin. Refrain from strenuous exercise for at least 24 hours and avoid excessive sun exposure or heat, as they can increase swelling and bruising.


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