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mesoestetic® - pure renewing mask

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Intensive purifying mask. Exfoliates and cleans the pore to prevent and reduce imperfections.
100 ml


This exfoliating and purifying mask is ideal for oily and acne-prone skin types.

mesoestetic Pure Renewing Mask is perfect for acne prone skin as it purifies, unclogs and exfoliates oily skin and also mattifies. The hard-working active ingredients reduce imperfections and pore size for clean, fresh and imperfection free skin.

mesoestetic Pure Renewing Mask can be used once or twice a week for oily and acne prone skin to control imperfections. It contains various active ingredients which all deliver a multitude of benefits to improve your complexion. It contains Lactobacillus ferment which is a post biotic ingredient. This balances skin microbiota and improves skin’s natural barrier and function of healthy skin.

Urban D-tox is plant derived and can remove contaminating particles that improve the formation of free radicals and lead to premature ageing. Mesoestetic Pure Renewing Mask is also formulated with a unique anti-imperfections complex which has a combination of salicylic acid, mandelic acid and sodium lepargilate which help to combat excess oil and bacteria.  Small exfoliating particles originated from plants, help cleanse and exfoliate pores whilst white clay particles move excess oil.

Intensive purifying mask. Exfoliates and cleans the pore to prevent and reduce imperfections.

PURIFYING, OIL-REGULATING: the white clay provides an immediate cleansing action by absorbing excess oil and glares from the skin surface.

KERATOLYTIC, ANTI-BLEMISH: the synergism of salicylic acid, mandelic acid(12,13) and sodium lepargilate(14,15) provides a comedolytic, refining, anti-bacterial, and anti-blemish action.

PHYSICAL EXFOLIATION, REFINING: with biodegradable cellulose particles, for a modulable mechanical exfoliating action that helps unclog and refine pores.

BIOBALANCING: a post-biotic active ingredient, Lactobacillus Ferment, obtained from fermentation of a bacterium, enhances the balance of the microbiota to strengthen and preserve the skin barrier function in optimum conditions.

ANTI-POLLUTION ACTION: A biotechnological active ingredient, Urban D-tox, offers a dual action on the effects of pollution on the skin: jointly removing the particulate pollutants and reducing oxidative stress known to speed up skin aging.

Intensive purifying mask. Exfoliates and cleans pores to prevent blemishes.

Key Benefits

Benefits of mesoestetic Pure Renewing Mask:

  • Clean, fresh, & imperfection free skin
  • Reduces imperfections
  • Exfoliates & mattifies

How to use

Topical use. over the clean, dry face, apply an even layer of product and allow to dry for 10-15 minutes. With moist hands, apply and massage in circles to exfoliate skin, work into T-zone. Rinse off with plenty of water. Suitable for other body areas.

How to use:

FREQUENCY OF USE twice a week.
TIME OF USE morning and evening.


Clock  twice a week, morning and evening.

Apply a large layer of product over the previously clean skin and allow to dry for 10-15’. Once dry, remove with water, massaging the exfoliating particles, concentrating in T area. Rinse with plenty of water.

Key Ingredients


  • Nut-Free
  • Perfume-Free
  • Ammonia-Free

Active ingredients:

  • mandelic acid
  • salicylic acid
  • white clay
  • lactobacillus ferment
  • urban D-tox
  • lepargilate sodium


The science behind the formula

Additional Information

Read what our skin experts think about mesoestetic Pure Renewing Mask:

  • Removes excess oils
  • Clean and fresh complexion
  • Reduces imperfections

“mesoestetic Pure Renewing Mask helps to clean, mattify and unclog pores. This is the perfect mask if you have oily and acne prone skin. My skin is both so using this mask has been a true lifesaver. I only apply this once or twice a week and this works so well to reduce and prevent imperfections. The result is clean, fresh and balanced skin that is left mattified.

mesoestetic Pure Renewing Mask is formulated with active ingredients that are potent and synergetic at tackling oil and imperfections. If you struggle with blemishes, pores and excess oil, you have to try mesoestetic Pure Renewing Mask!”

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Age all
Routine stage treatment
Type of skin combination, oily
indication Indicated as regular treatment for oily and acne-prone skin.
Treatment area face



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