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The One Product I Can’t Live Without

We are always researching the latest skincare ingredients and chatting with our friends about the best products to buy. So we decided go direct to the source and ask the person in the know – Founder & Clinic Manager at Face the Future, Kate Bancroft.

As authorised stockists of over 150 proven clinical brands, we are in the unique and fortunate position to be able to cherry-pick the very best products for our customersand ourselves! Here’s the one product Kate can’t live without
What is the one product you can’t live without?
My absolute favourite product and the one I really can’t live without is Mesoestetic’s Fast Skin Repair.I travel a lot and this is the first product I pack and would be genuinely upset not to have in my luggage. I’ve recently been in Namibia and after a day climbing the dunes, it was an instant saviour.
Why do you love it so much?
It’s just such a great multi-purpose product, full of anti-inflammatory ingredients and antioxidants – it’s a great remedy for anything that makes the skin feel tight or dry.It also has some pretty impressive age management goodies in there including DMAE, Idebenone and Coenzyme Q10.
When did you first start using it?
I was introduced to Mesoestetic Fast Skin Repair by a travel companion in Spain. I’d over done it in the sun a little and my skin felt really tight and dry.After applying the cream, I couldn’t believe how quickly the heat and redness calmed down and how fresh and firm my skin felt.
How do you use it “ any tips?
Any time the skin feels uncomfortable, tight or dry, just pop a 5p sized amount on and massage gently into the face. Think sunburn, windburn or anytime skin is a bit compromised.Fast Skin Repair is great for healing skin post-procedure, for example in-clinic peels, lasers or any other ablative treatments. It can also be used after injuries and even helps to heal insect bites!It’s so great at repairing I sometimes give my skin an overnight treat and put a really thick layer on before bed. The next morning my skin feels incredibly soft and firm and my make up applies beautifully.To find the right skincare products for you, take our online skin test, speak to our skin experts on 0113 282 7744 or book a free consultation in-clinic with one of our clinicians.

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